Naha to Kerama Tokashiki Island

The ferry boat from Naha to Tokashiki is located at Tomari Port. There are two ferries that go back and forth to the island each day.

Ship Price & Timetable


Reserving a Ferry Ticket

Please call the Tomari Port ticket office for reservations. You cannot reserve a ticket on the day that you plan to depart for Tokashiki. Reservations are made one day in advance. If you would like to buy a ticket on the day that you plan to depart, you will have to go to the ticket window. However, there is a chance that tickets will be sold out during the high season (summer).

Ticket office telephone number is: 098-868-7541

Okinawa Tomari Port Information

Bule:Marine Liner, Red:Ferry, Green:Parking

When you walk into the main building, there are two ticket windows. Please go to the ticket window closest to the water / boats.

The Ferry Tokashiki boats and Marine Liner boats are located in different areas of the port.

The Ferry Tokashiki boat is located right outside the main building / ticket window. The Marine Liner boat is located to the north of the main building (about a 5 to 7 minute walk).

There is a parking lot on the south side of the main building, but please note that it is quite pricey!

Arriving at Tokashiki Port


A Marine House bus will be there to pick you up. Please let us know which ferry you will be riding on at least an hour before you arrive. Just look for the good looking staff holding the Marine House sign!