Our staff tell you how to handle a kayak. And then, you can enjoy kayaking by yourself! Why don’t you try it?

Menu name Sea Kayak Rental
Price 1 hour 2000 yen.  2 hours 3000 yen.  3 hours 4000 yen.
Period Summer
Meeting place Rental shop
Remarks This menu cannot be booked because that is weather dependent.


You can go to the vicinity of the uninhabited island.

Is that difficult?

Sea kayak

Sea kayak
It is not so difficult to ride because our rental kayak is sit-on-top style. You can paddle it well if two of you are in sync with each other!


Cautions when renting Sea Kayaks

What you need to prepare

Please bring your mobile phone so that you can call our staff for emergency such as when the wave surge. We recommend using a waterproof case to prevent your phone from breaking.

The temperature during summer is over 30 degrees. Please take hats, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your skin.

You may not be able to participate.

  1. This rental might be canceled depending on the weather.
  2. If you consume alcohol before participating in this activity, you can not rent a kayak. It is very dangerous.
  3. We explain how to ride a kayak and cautions before lending. If you don’t understand that, we refuse your rental offer. Currently, our shop is available only in Japanese and English.