Beach House Hauori


The beach house “Hauoli” that is located near the entrance of Aharen Beach is suitable for a day trip to Tokashiki Island. It has a changing room and a shower room that you need when swimming at Aharen beach.  Please see Day trip  that our shuttle bus and use of facility make a set when you will come to Aharen Beach.

The beach house “Hauoli” for the detail

Shop Beach House “Hauoli”
Service facility for a day trip(shower・shuttle bus), restaurant, activities
Period From March to the end of October
Opening hour 10:00 – 16:30

Lunch menu

  • タコライス
Okinawa soba 750 yen
Taco rice 700 yen
Curry rice 650 yen
Tuna and avocado- don 850 yen
Gapao rice 700 yen
Fried chicken with starchy sauce – don 750 yen
Pork cutlet plate 750 yen
Chicken namban – don 750 yen
Octopus dumpling 500 yen

Hauoli with our diving shop

We hold introductory diving tour and snorkel tour. The guests who have a reservation gather at Hauoli. Then, check in and adjust rental equipment.
Diving shop