Rental Shop


Our rental shop is located at the entrance of Aharen Beach. You can rent beach umbrellas, beach chairs, snorkel sets and many items! And we accept activities there such as a banana boat.

The Business period is from April to the end of October. In out of that period, we open irregularly.
The web booking of the rental items has been started since 2020. It’s really safety because you don’t need to bring your money to the beach.

List of rental items

item price
Beach umbrella 1500 yen
Beach chair 1000 yen
Umbrella set (1 umbrella and 2 chairs) 2500 yen
Snorkel set (mask, snorkel, fins and life vest) 1200 yen
Life vest 500 yen
Box glasses 500 yen
Float 500 yen
Children’s Toys for Playing with Sand 500 yen
Wet Suit 1500 yen
Swimwear 1000 yen

About web booking of rental items

Payment for rental items at Aharen Beach is accepted only in cash and wasn’t able to be booked beforehand, so some guests worried about availability of items and how to keep valuables safety. Considering that, we have started to accept web booking and online payment of  the rental items since 2020.

If you book the rental items on web, please check the following:

  • You can use our rentals at only Aharen Beach.
  • Lending time is from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.
  • We pass the rental items booked to you at our Beach House “Hauoli”.
  • The payment of the rental booking is accepted only by credit card, not in cash.
  • If we can’t lend items booked due to the weather, we refund your payment.