Day Trip Package Information

We offer a day trip package for customers planning to arrive in the morning and go back in the late afternoon. You may also add a snorkeling tour, a diving tour or jet ski tubing to the package.

Prices:Adults 1100 yen、Children 880 yen
Package includes:Shuttle bus from Tokashiki port to Aharen Beach (approx. 8 minutes by bus)
Shower and changing room use fee
Things to bring:Swimsuit, Sandals and Towel

Optional Package Add-ons


Snorkeling Tour

We take you to the best spots on Tokashiki island to see tropical fish and coral reefs by boat. If you are lucky, you may be able to see a sea turtle!
If you would like more information on the snorkeling tour, please click “Snorkeling” on the top menu bar.

Price: 5500 jpy

Tokashiki island scuba diving corse

Scuba Diving – bigginer corse

No prior experience is necessary to join this tour. One of our expert dive instructors will guide you through the experience to insure that you enjoy all the beautiful sights the ocean has to offer.
If you would like more information on the scuba diving tour, please click “Scuba Diving” on the top menu bar.

Price: 11000 jpy

sea kayak

Water Sports

We offer various types of tubes to ride on while you are pulled by a jet ski. These tubes vary from relaxing to thrilling. We also offer rides to and from a near by deserted island where you can enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing or a picnic.If you would like more information on the Marine Sports tour, please click “Water Sports” on the top menu bar.

Price: Please click “Water Sports” on the top menu bar.

Basic Schedule for Day Trip

Schedule of Marine Linser Tokashiki
09:00Depart Naha's Tomari Port
9:35Shuttle Bus to Aharen Beach
10:30Snorkeling or Diving Tour Start
13:00Enjoy Beach or Optional Water Sports
16:30Shuttle bus to Tokashiki Port
17:30Ferry Leaves for Naha
18:05Arrive at Tomari Port
Schedule of Ferry Tokashiki
10:00Depart Naha's Tomari Port
11:10Shuttle Bus to Aharen Beach
11:40Enjoy Beach or Water Sports
12:30Snorkeling or Diving Tour Start
15:00Shuttle bus to Tokashiki Port
16:00Ferry Leaves for Naha
17:10Arrive at Tomari Port