Scuba Diving Information

Let’s dive in Kerama Island

Our scuba diving tour is geared towards beginners with little or no experience, but customers with diving licenses are also welcome to join.

Price:11,000 jpy(Rental gear is included in the price)
For Ages: 12 years old and up (12 - 18 year olds require permission from their guardians)
Estimated Time of Tour:2 hours and 30 minutes. Actual time spent under water is about 40 minutes.

Marine House Aharen Diving Video

Scuba Diving Tour Rundown

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A diving instructor will go over the day’s schedule.
Fill out the required forms, and then get fitted into your rental gear.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol before diving. Also, people with heart problems or pace makers may not be able to dive depending on the seriousness of their situation.


The diving instructor will give thorough instructions on the boat.

Basic instructions:

  1. Do not hold your breath at any time while diving
  2. Breath slowly and deeply
  3. If water gets into the breathing apparatus, just blow into it and the water will come out
  4. While decending, increased pressure may cause your ears to hurt. You can relieve this pressure by holding your nose, closing your mouth and sending air to the ears
  5. If you are having trouble clearing your ears and feel pain, please point to your ears and the instructor will bring you up a little bit to relieve the pressure. After the pain goes away, the instructor will try to take you down again, and you can try to clear your ears once more
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We will take you to the day’s best diving spots on the island by boat. The diving spots are about 5 to 15 minutes away, so you shouldn’t worry about getting sea sick.


When you first get into the water, you will grab onto the side of the boad and practice breathing with the breathing apparatus. The instructor will then take you down to the bottom of the ocean (about 4 to 5 meters). Please do not kick your feet. Just relax and enjoy the ride down.

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Once you have reached the bottom of the ocean, enjoy looking at the beautiful fish and coral reefs! Can you find Nemo?