introductory diving

Let’s experience your first dive in Kerama Islands!


This is diving menu that you can enjoy diving with our instructor even if you don’t have diving license and can’t swim well.

  • Easy boat diving
  • 1 instructor helps only 2 guests
  • Take phots while diving!
SeasonAll season
PriceDepends on season and plans
Included in the priceEquipment, guides, wetsuits, boat boarding fees, lesson
Meeting placePlease come to Beach House HAUOLI at entrance of Aharen Beach 30 minutes before the start.
Start time13:00
What to bring a swimsuit, a towel, sandals, something to drink
Participation requirementHealthy people between the age of 12 and 59 years old.
Minors require parental consent.
AttentionYou cannot board the plane on that day you dive.
We don’t accept to participate after drinking.
It might be canceled depending on the sea conditions…
Health checkIf guests have diseases or are injured, they need medical certificate.
Guest may not be able to participate depending on their medical history of respiratory disease, circulatory
system disease, epilepsy, aurinasal disease, diabetes and pregnancy.
Medical Certificate
Cancellation chargeOn the day ー 100% , 1 day before ー 50%
If ships is canceled or we expect the weather is getting bad due to typhoon, you don’t need to pay cancellation fee.
ApplicationIntroductory diving application form

Stay in Marine House Aharen

Use our shuttle bus & shower

Coming by rental car

About our introductory diving

Specialty shop of introductory diving

We can service guests who have diving license, but we service introductory diving mainly.

If beginner guests go together with guests who are used to diving,,,

  • feel nervous
  • Point is too deep or flow is fast
  • may not be able to feel free to ask the instructor

We try to take time and keep pace with the guest who are diving for the first time.

Diving schedule


Please come to Beach House HAUOLI at the entrance of Aharen Beach 30 minutes before the start. Fill out the application form and adjust the equipment used for diving.

Lecture on land

Learning hand signs and how to breathe in the water that are needed for safe diving.

Transport by our boat

You can visit a point without taking heavy equipment. It takes only 5-15 minutes to get there so no worries you get seasickness. You can see an awesome view of Kerama Blue from the boat! Nice to take your cell phone and post the photos on the Instagram:)

practice on the surface of the water

Even if you are not good at swimming, if you can put your face on the water, you are able to have a fun! At first, you practice a way to breathe on the surface of the water while holding a ladder. Normally we breathe with nose so you feel something wrong at first. But you can get used to it in a few minutes.

Finally going into the water!

In our shop, the instructor take a guest one by one into the water to clear ears easily. You can feel like weightless world.

Enjoy the sea world of kerama where is popular for divers!

We take phots in the water and you can download it on web site later date.

introductory diving movie