Uninhabited Island (Hanale Island)


The uninhabited Island “Hanale jima” is seen about 1 km away from Aharen Beach. (Some people call it “Hanali jima”.) It’s located on offing of  Aharen Beach so that the transparency of the water is definitely high!  It is an amazing point for introductory diving and snorkeling.


How to get to the uninhabited island

Banana boat

The uninhabited island is about 1 km away from Aharen Beach. We land in about 5 minutes by a banana boat.

The uninhabited island beach with very high transparency

Uninhabited Island Beaches

The beautiful underwater is more transparent than Aharen Beach. You can see anemonefish (clownfish, Nemo) even in the shallow waters of the beach. There is no swimming area on the uninhabited island. Unlike Aharen Beach and Tokashiku Beach, there is no observer. Please be sure to be careful.

[alert title=”Attention”]There is no restroom and vending machine. It might be better to go to restroom before joining a tour.[/alert]

Paradise of colorful tropical fish!

off a desert island

There are tropical fish in shallow waters near the beach, but as you head offshore from the beach, you’ll see two coral reefs and can meet plenty of tropical fish.

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