Aharen Beach


Aharen Beach is the main beach in Tokashiki Island. It has a white smooth sand beach is a total length of 800 meters. There are a lot of beautiful corals in the offing, and you can meet colorful tropical fish!

[alert title=”To guests participating in day tour of Marine House Aharen”]Our shuttle bus  will wait at the Tokashiki Port parking according to the your arrival time of booking. The bus stop is our beach house “Hauoli” near the entrance of Aharen Beach. You can use a changing and shower room at Hauoli.[/alert]


How to get to Aharen Beach

Aharen Beach is a 15-minute drive away from Tokashiki Port. In the case of a day trip, the stay time is short, so using a local bus is common.

[memo title=”MEMO”]It takes about an hour on foot, but we are concerned wild boars sometimes have been seen from 2017. You may think going by a bicycle is speedy than walking, but we don’t recommended it because there is steep slopes on the way.

As of August 2023, there is no taxi in the island . If you miss a return bus to Tokashiki Port, there is no way to go back to the port anymore. That’s why please don’t miss the bus.

There are no local bus between Aharen Beach and Tokashiku Beach. If you want to go both, please rent a car or a motorbike.[/memo]

Institutions Company Name Contact Web
Local Bus Tokashiki Kanko Bus 098-987-2232 Go to the website
Car Rental & Motorbike Kariyushi Rental Service 098-987-3311 Go to the website
Car Rental Kujira Rent-a-car 098-987-2836 Go to the website
Car Rental & Motorbike Aloha Rental Kikaku 090-6866-8666 Go to the website

About changing rooms, shower rooms and lockers

aharen seisyounen ryokou mura

If you participate day tours or stay an accommodation, you can use each facilities, but when you come by a local bus, you should use “Youth Travel Village”.

[memo title=”MEMO”]In the summer, nearly 200 guests might use that facility because a lot of guests from overseas visit Aharen Beach as well. The number of lockers and showers are not so enough, it seems to be better to act early if you use it on a day trip.[/memo]

Name of the facility Aharen Youth Travel Village (Campground)
Contact Us Tokashiki Village Tourism Industry Division TEL 098-987-2090
Shower 300 yen for 5 min,  6 showers each for men and women
Locker 300 – 500 yen ( depending on the size ) , 24 lockers
Toilet Free

Activities and Rental items

beach shop

At the entrance of Aharen Beach, guests can apply for activities like a banana boat and rent items such as beach umbrellas.

[yoko2 responsive][cell]Rental shop

About Lunch

There are some restaurants for lunch near Aharen Beach.

[memo title=”MEMO”]The restaurants had opened in the summer in 2019 will be posted. Most of them accept only in cash and are closed from November to the end of March.[/memo]

name Telephone number Non-cash payment available
Beach House Hauori 098-987-2335 Visa,Master card, Alipay
Harvel kitchen
my pace
Half Time 098-987-2021
Octopus Garden 098-987-2844
Ikkyu 098-987-2364
Nilai Kanai 098-987-3422
Shimamun Cafe Plus 080-6497-1392
Sea Friend 098-987-2836

Cautions at Aharen Beach

About the beach

Set up of Aharen Beach From the beach opening in April to the end of October.
Swimming time 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
observer The village deploy observers got one of credentials below :
OMSB LifeguardWho have finished water safety course of the Japanese Red Cross Society
Contact Tokashiki Village Office Tourism Industry Division 098-987-2321

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there observers on Aharen Beach throughout the year?

No. It is while the beach is set up. Not prohibited to swim, but you should be careful when swimming.


Underwater at Aharen Beach

aharen beach coral

You can see tropical fishes in swimming area! Please be careful not to step on reefs because it comes to be near at low tide.There are beautiful coral reefs in offing of Aharen Beach. Often we saw sea turtles in 2019.

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