How to get to Tokashiki Island


Detailed information on an access to Tokashiki Island from Naha Tomari Port and a transportation to Marine House Aharen.


Regular ferries to Tokashiki Island

[yoko2 responsive][cell]Ferry Andshiki
Ferry Tokashiki
Time required : 70 min[/cell]
[cell]Marine Liner Andshiki
High-speed boat Marine Liner Tokashiki
Time required : 35 min[/cell][/yoko2]

You can come to Tokashiki Island by ferry or high-speed boat and spend for more than 6 hours even on a day trip. From June to October, please make a reservation of ferries as soon as possible. Otherwise, there might be no available seat.

Fare and timetables

name Round-trip fare One-way fare Boarding time
Ferry Tokashiki
One time per day
Adult  3210 yen Adult  1690 yen 70 mins
Child  1610 yen Child  850 yen
Marine Liner Tokashiki
Two times per day
Adult  4810 yen Adult  2530 yen 35 mins
Child  2410 yen Child  1270 yen
Environmental cooperation tax 100 yen   * High school students or older will be collected this when buying tickets .

Adult : Junior high school students or older, Child : Elementary school students, Infant : Under elementary school age( *One infant can get on a ferry and Marine Liner for free per adult.)

Ferry Tokashiki Timetable

Period Time From Tomari Port Arrived at Tokashiki Port From Tokashiki Port Arrival at Tomari Port
Summer season
March 1 – September 30
1 10:00 11:10 16:00 17:10
Winter season
October 1 – The end of February
1 10:00 11:10 15:30 16:40

Marine Liner Tokashiki Timetable

Period Time From Tomari Port Arrived at Tokashiki Port From Tokashiki Port Arrival at Tomari Port
Summer season
March 1 – The end of September
1 09:00 09:35 10:00 10:35
2 16:30 17:05 17:30 18:05
Winter season
October 1 – The end of February
1 09:00 09:35 10:00 10:35
2 16:00 16:35 17:00 17:35
・Golden Week (April 27 – May 6)
・Friday to Sunday and public holidays in July and in August
・Bon vacation (August 10-18)
1 09:00 09:35 10:00 10:35
2 13:00 13:35 14:00 14:35
3 16:30 17:05 17:30 18:05

Depending on the oceanic conditions and season, there might be changes of departure time and number of times or cancellations.

How to make a reservation

The reservation of ferry can be made 2 months in advance. During the season, it is often fully booked. So we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as your travel schedule is decided.

[yoko2 responsive][cell]

If you make a reservation on the WEB

Tokashiki Village Portal Site


If you make a reservation by phone

Tokashiki Village Naha Liaison Office 10:00-17:00
Tel: 098-868-7541


[memo title=”MEMO”]We recommend a web booking. From 10:00 to 17:00 is the reception hours by phone, but it may not be easy to call at that time by your work, etc. And the telephone might not be connected at lunchtime or evening because call is crowded.[/memo]

Cautions when boarding a boat on the day

Check the operation of  ferries on the day

When a typhoon approaches or the waves are high, there might be cancellations of ferries and changes of departure time.

You should check the weather forecast the day before. If the height of the wave is more than 4 meters, there is a high possibility of cancellation.

The schedule of ferries for the day will be posted on the tokashiki village official website  at 8:00 a.m.  In the case you make a reservation on the web, if you select “Notice from Tokashiki Ferry Section.”, let you know the information of the ferry’s operation you booked by e-mail. It is definitely convenient!

[alert title=”Attention”]When you visit the Tokashiki Village official website at 8:00 a.m. to check the ferry ‘s operation, the website is often down. In this case, you can not visit it while a minutes, so please check from Tokashiki Ferry Portal Site.[/alert]

The boarding points of the ferry and the high-speed boat are different.

Tokashiki Village Naha Liaison Office (Ticket Office) is located on the 1st floor of the Tomari Port Passenger Terminal Building (commonly called Tomarin) . There is the  ferry terminal behind it. But the boarding point of the high-speed boat is located on the north shore of Tomari Port. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from Tomarin, so you should give yourself extra time before departure time.

If you are planning to come to the boarding point by taxi and board on high-speed boat,  it would be better if you tell the driver to go to the north shore of Tomari Port. (*There is a ticket office for Marine Liner Tokashiki.)

  • Yellow marker :  Tokashiki Village Naha Liaison Office (Ticket Office)
  • Red marker : Ferry terminal.
  • Blue marker : high-speed dock (tickets can be purchased.)
  • Green marker : Parking closest to the high-speed dock (but it might be full.)
  • Purple marker : Parking Tomarin parking close to the ferry terminal

[alert title=”Attention”]We recommend that you arrive at Tomari Port 1 hour in advance and board 30 minutes in advance. The cause of missing the high-speed ship is a traffic jam. If you get there by a rental car, please note that there is often a traffic jams around Tomari Port due to a commuter rush.

If you’re worried about seasickness, which is better, a ferry or a high-speed boat?

The ferry has less shaking than a high-speed boat. The second floor and ahead of the ferry shakes badly, so if you are worried about seasickness, you should have a seat on the first floor. The best way is you fall asleep while boarding.

It is good to take a seasickness drug beforehand.  It takes about 30 min to 1 hour to work well, so you should take it before boarding. You don’t have chance to buy it near Tomari Port,  please purchase it in advance.

When arriving at Tokashiki Island

Transfer bus

Our staff with a signboard says “Marine House Aharen”  will wait in front of our shuttle bus at the Tokashiki Port parking according to the your arrival time of booking. Please give your reservation name to the staff and get on.

[alert title=”Attention”]Please refrain from getting on the shuttle bus with an inner tube blown up. And if you will bring a large baggage, please let us know in advance. You can send your diving equipment to our hotel beforehand.[/alert]

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